Handwriting is not only brainwriting but also body- and soulwriting

Anatomical projections in handwriting“ sounds strange. At least very artificial, somewhat far-fetched. However, we should not be that fast with our conclusion. Why? First of all, the likeable enthusiasm of the author makes the topic attractive. Another reason is: the book is written by the osteopath Ciprian Marius Ceteras, that is, by a person who helps his patients and by this learns a lot about them. Maybe that is why my first thought, when I opened the book was the famous aphorism by Abraham Maslow: „If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.“ There is some truth in this association, but it is not that simple. In general, the scientifically structured information from physicians and alternative practitioners is extremely valuable for handwriting analysis and vice versa, handwriting analysis can be helpful for the diagnosis of different health problems and the evaluation of the efficiency of a treatment. Unfortunately, they have been doing very little in this area, both practitioners and researchers.   

What is the book about? The author collected handwriting samples from his patients before and after the osteopathic treatment. It is a sort of a longitudinal study, which happens to be very rare with experiments in medicinal graphology. Typically, one would just compare the tested subjects with a control group of healthy persons. 

The book is free from typical graphological indoctrination. The author himself expresses it as follows: „I only found those traits due to my naïve approach to graphology. Would I already have been a certified graphologist, I probably would have believed more in the limitations than in the possibilities.” 

The basis of the whole work is what the author calls a logical conclusion that “if every part of our body has ability to project, communicate and interact with all other parts, the logical conclusion is that every part of the writing should have the capability to project any anatomical structure.”  The idea is not absolutely new – the author himself refers to Moretti and some others. However, it has been never expressed so detailed and systematic. It has as well something to do with the symbolism of handwriting.

By the way, we also draw attention to many simple but informative illustrations. They add a lot to the text. Besides capital letter A there are naturally some additional letters and a couple of traditional handwriting signs like the left margin. However, we should not ignore that only some letters of the Latin alphabet are included. That keeps the question: what happens to other languages? If we are dealing with general principles they should be reflected everywhere. 

Another question regards to the statistical validation of the presented material. It is calming that the author speaks about several examples known to him but he is very sure of himself and the idea that “there is a 3D-Projection of our body hiding somewhere in our handwriting”. However, nobody will take that seriously, unless there are some solid proves. The author concludes his book with the words: “A new era has begun, Graphology will never be same again.”  That is rather a claim or a vision of the author, but still far from being a scientifically proven fact.

Nevertheless, we can definitely recommend reading the book, to enjoy the novelty of the approach. 

To oder the book, click on this link and directly contact the author.