4th International Workshop on Writing Words

Potsdam, near Berlin, will host the 4th International Workshop on Writing Words 2023 from July 12-14. The workshop will address many topics in orthography and handwriting. Click here for more information.

Program of the Workshop on Writing Words in 2023

Wednesday July 12, 2023. Morning: Workshops: GetWrite for iPads with pencil, Evaluation of movement and shape quality in handwriting.

Afternoon: Methodological Issues in Writing Research: Motor performance in normally developing second graders, Consistency of letter formation in SLD children with DCD, copy-typing skills in students with dyslexia, Detailed analysis of letter-formation accuracy and fluency, Graphic complexity of handwriting in French-speaking children, Longitudinal study of spelling development.

Thursday July 13, 2023. Morning: Orthographic Learning: Overt spoken and written production on novel word learning, Difficulties developmental dysgraphia, Cortical and subcortical mechanisms of orthographic learning, Nature of representations generated during spoken word learning

Afternoon: Central and Peripheral Processing: Anticipatory Processing of Orthographic and Motor Information, Central and peripheral processing in handwriting in L2, Multi-sentence text production, French plural spelling and German noun capitalization, On-line spelling revision in elementary and middle school children, Handwriting and smartphone-writing.

Friday July 14, 2023. Morning: Technology to analyze handwriting: Images and handwriting movements Central and Peripheral Processing: Effector-independence in handwriting, Action-language integration during handwriting, Linguistic and sensorimotor factors when typing is less practiced than handwriting.

Afternoon: Motor Learning: Rhythmic background on handwriting in 2nd and 5th Graders, Learning handwriting skill through random and blocked practice in 5- to 6-year-old children, Fine motor skills or working memory?

Venue, Registration and Poster Presentation

Venue: University of Potsdam Campus, Neues Palais (House 8, Room 0.56)

Registration by e-mail to www2023@uni-potsdam.de. And if possible, present a poster!